The counting is starting in a while and the internet connection at office is flaky!! Not today, I say!

I should have sent money y’day. Tomorrow there is at least a 50% chance, I stand to lose on exchange rate. Unfortunately that is also what I wish for my country – for the rupee to gain in value because of good governance and economic policies.

All the best India. You gave your exams well ( fairly good turnout compared to earlier, right?). There is little you can do about the results. By EoD, at least the short term future of the country will become clear. But I hope we didn’t burden ourselves with another electoral spend. I hope and wish we gave a clear mandate.

But like they say for exams, there is no point praying today. The results are already decided as people voted. It is only not known, if you get the drift.

And I wish, if there were a chance, BJP would not do what it did in Delhi. We cannot afford more money on re-elections, IMO. And we cannot afford instability either. I only wish we could recreate the kind of stability that Narasimha Rao exhibited with his minority government. But hey, they had Vajpayee in the opposition, if my memory is correct. Nope, I don’t mean their political affiliations here.

Good luck India. I hope you’ll dawn into good leadership!