That’s like the best thing that keeps happening to me. A lot of people around me, do their best to motivate me. And they do succeed for a brief while, before they have to start again. Apart from being a lucrative value proposition, I doubt if motivational speech can be of any good!

Of course, it has its short term values. And perhaps some people can, by themselves, stay re-assured with what they heard. But some like me cannot. So fundamentally, the entire concept falls apart. Like my wife quips, I might need a miracle to trust in God. And I might need it quite often too!

No, am not atheistic or agnostic. That said, I don’t want to digress either. I think the real motivation for me comes from the application of my knowledge or understanding, and figuring out how I was wrong all along and learning the correct method/system.

I try to avoid getting into a comfort zone for just this. Because, I feel I stop learning if it gets comfy, so quickly get bored and then I need a starter to move again! That holds for a lot of things, not just work. If I don’t do some work towards some goal, I quickly lose interest in that goal. And I should agree with my wife – that is just an impossibly difficult requirement to stay motivated.

That said, what does the above statement about the need for repeated motivational speeches imply?