Noni and I spotted this poster on Orchard road. It was an ad for a movie playing – one of the many as part of the SG50 celebrations. Sorry about the bad picture quality, its sort of necessary to make the point. 

Noni said “wait, doesn’t this guy look a lot like KamalHassan?” 

I said “yeah! What’s better? The guy next to him looks a lot like Rajini Kanth”

They had to be. It was a poster for “Ninaithale Inikkum”, a cult movie and a personal favourite. The interesting piece is this: the younger selves of both Rajini and Kamal only look like them.

In a way, that’s great. I don’t look anything like what I did in school, though you will easily see the resemblances. For Noni, the changes are even more vivid. It does take something to be in showbiz!