It feels good, sometimes, to know that you were not the only one to make certain mistakes. Or that you were not the only one in your situation. Sadistic as it may sound, I think I just got to talk to another person who shares my story. While I wish him the best in his endeavors, I wish I had known him earlier or spoke more often. For a fact, when I told a few of my friends in Cognizant that I was leaving the company to research at IITM, most of them said – “you gotta be crazy!

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One Year of Singapore

It is a few days and a year since we moved to Singapore. I was reflecting on this episode of my life and I felt I missed a few points. While I don’t know if want to rant on them and feel further let down, I do want to collect my thoughts some place and revisit later. I came to Singapore because I fell in love with the place when I first came in.

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A good friend shared this article with me – Why I want you to steal my ideas. If you didn’t already know from the title, this one is by the renowned blogger Seth Godin. I love Seth’s work and I read his blog regularly. Some of his writings are very thought provoking and makes you want to re-evaluate your stand on many day-to-day things. Here is my favorite line from the above link.

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Movie Marathon

Rohini and I have been on a movie marathon recently. We caught up on quite a few movies after a long lull. I am going to quickly summarize my thoughts here. The first one in the series is “Jobs”. We were quite bored one Friday night about 2 weeks back and decided to catch a movie. After a lot of thought on what we’d want to see, we decided to catch up on Jobs movie.

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Cyclop’s Eye

Just like the last time, I saw another tutorial on pyroelectro. This one created a cyclop’s eye. I was interested in trying this out using my arduino. Again, it slightly departs from the tutorial. You can take a look at the code on github. Leave your suggestions in comments!

Elections 2014

The counting is starting in a while and the internet connection at office is flaky!! Not today, I say! I should have sent money y’day. Tomorrow there is at least a 50% chance, I stand to lose on exchange rate. Unfortunately that is also what I wish for my country – for the rupee to gain in value because of good governance and economic policies. All the best India. You gave your exams well ( fairly good turnout compared to earlier, right?

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Two States

Rohini and I saw this movie yesterday in a theatre. Yeah, those deserve mentions because it may not make economic sense to go to the theatre these days when you can catch very good quality right in your ipad and youtube. Sometimes going to the theatre has a good feel to it, provided that the movie does not kill it for you. This one did not. I read this book by Chetan Bhagat about 3 yrs back.

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Konjam Nadinga Boss!

Annoying, hilarious or however else you look at it, this program is perhaps the best thing a movie based channel ever came up with. For once, it makes us realize how difficult it is to deliver a dialogue with appropriate tonal variations and timing, body language even if the entire picture is not clear. So what if it took a 100 takes, most of us would still find it difficult.

Word Permutations

We were discussing something yesterday and it came up for us to arrive at all the possible words with at least 3 letters using the letters in the word ‘football’. We started out with a paper and pencil and came up with about 2 dozens when it struck me that I could do this with python. The pseudo code in my mind was this: generate all permutations/combinations of the letters in the word

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Perhaps the best tool I ever learnt. I still remembering my boss mentioning this in a casual chat and encouraging us to learn Python. Sometime in 2005, I think. I learnt the basic usage in about a week. Python has been my language of choice since then. Its a little sad to think I have not quite mastered the language till date! I still have a long way to go before I can claim to be good in python.

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