Smart Watch

Tue, Mar 17, 2015 One-minute read

Honestly, it’s more painful than pleasant to have one. I have a one wish for my smartwatch:

There should be a one tap snooze for all sorts of notifications: social media has the worst timings for conversations. And the time usually coincides with your work that needs all your concentration.

Apart from that, it is quite nice. There is a huge cry around why Apple watch battery sucks. Some of the most priced watches from my grandpa’s age required to be ‘key-ed’ every 24 hours for it to show the right time. In fact, it is worse than that. You had to give an exact number of turns for it to keep the correct pace. And those were very priced. Things improved quite fast from there. So we could expect the same for this piece of technology as well.

Or it’s OK. I am still rooting for Pebble Time this year. Apple watch can wait until it becomes less of a luxury to me.