Trouble that is worth it

I love this post from Seth Godin. You must read it too. And here is my favorite line in that post: Seeking out the things that are more trouble than most people think they’re worth is a powerful place to be. I have been here. Early on in my career, when I was here, it really gained me the quick recognition and earned me the type of tasks I was best suited for....

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Take away for January

Read this post from Seth Godin. I found it profound and enlightening, even outside of the marketing paradigm that Seth talks about in. In fact, this is completely in line with “The Secret”, another book that I’d recommend a read. I’ve never managed to read it through so far, though. As simple as that. Go finish one thing today.

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Your Turn Challenge

I came across this post from Seth. And hence this challenge link. I have enough reasons to participate. And I have a big ball of laziness that says I should not commit to anything publicly. Let me see. I am giving myself a day to decide. Maybe I’ll convince myself that I can actually publish everyday for at least 7 days in my life. It is my turn to challenge myself....

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A good friend shared this article with me – Why I want you to steal my ideas. If you didn’t already know from the title, this one is by the renowned blogger Seth Godin. I love Seth’s work and I read his blog regularly. Some of his writings are very thought provoking and makes you want to re-evaluate your stand on many day-to-day things. Here is my favorite line from the above link....

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