Hosting Provider Update

Moved from Justhost to GoDaddy. And got myself a domain. And SSL’ed it as well. It has taken me 6 odd months, $80 and a lifetime of lethargy to get this done. Finally, what really got me to do it is a desperate need to bring back my blog online so that I can write down a bunch of things. Motivation is a tough sell.

<span title='2019-03-24 04:32:07 +0000 UTC'>March 24, 2019</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;1 min&nbsp;·&nbsp;abishek

iPhone 6 among other things

After a lot of deliberation, discussions, depressions, planning and meticulous budgeting, Noni convinced me to just stfu and pick up that damn device. So we did just that. I am still a little unsure whether I like the feel of the device. I love my iPhone 5 because the form factor is just about perfect for me. This is my first 4.7″ device in the last 4-5 years that I have held a smartphone....

<span title='2015-07-08 07:40:07 +0000 UTC'>July 8, 2015</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;3 min&nbsp;·&nbsp;abishek