Rohini and I saw this movie yesterday in a theatre. Yeah, those deserve mentions because it may not make economic sense to go to the theatre these days when you can catch very good quality right in your ipad and youtube. Sometimes going to the theatre has a good feel to it, provided that the movie does not kill it for you. This one did not.

I read this book by Chetan Bhagat about 3 yrs back. IMO, this book is one his better works. And I feel the movie has remained fairly faithful to the book unlike the earlier two. I don’t remember the call center thing – did that become a movie too? Alia, sort of notorious for her IQ, seems to have done a good job of the acting. Either she scores or the makers score for fixing things post production. The male lead is ok too and I seem to see a resemblance to the B which may have helped somewhere. I am not sure if he acted as well, but he did not stick out too bad.

Ok, so I cannot really review the movie because I tend to notice the missing stuff only in the next few iterations. I am not sure if I can put myself through that for this one. The review on the vigil idiot captures the mistakes, but the movie is better than what that review makes it be!