We are busy questioning if there is intelligent life outside of earth. What if it was the other way around? What if the human race is what was abandoned by intelligent life to live in the extreme conditions of this planet?  What if some intelligent life forms wanted to create a prison for criminals. They surveyed multiple planets and figured out that earth has the harshest yet conditions while the other two hadn’t even cooled down. Only they found huge lizards that were wreaking havoc. So they decided to use their state of the art pest control to eradicate the lizards. You know, those lizards could have caused easy death to their criminals. Then they left the last of their worst criminals to die in this planet. Maybe their society learned a lesson and never repeated the offences.

Unfortunately for them, the criminals figured a way to live on in this otherwise uninhabitable planet. We have all forgotten our roots and are now searching back for them. Its like the quest of adoptive children to find their biological parents. What if I am correct? What if this isn’t fiction after all?